dnscrypt.ca ... Free, Canadian, uncensored, no-logs, encrypted, and DNSSEC validated DNS service for your pleasure.

NOTICE: [2024-02-26] I have received an offer of support that I think will work out well for dnscrypt.ca services. There is obviously a break in service right now, and after testing some new sdns:// stamps will have to be created. Updates to follow soon!

NOTICE: [2024-02-23] Yesterday morning, I requested that the dnscrypt.ca resolvers be removed from the public list on the dnscrypt-proxy Github page. Since then I have seen increased traffic to the web site, and have found some discussion online about the shutdown. I'd like to address some statements made in those discussions and perhaps make a last-ditch effort to keep dnscrypt.ca running.

In late January I received notification from my VPS provider that he is closing up shop and that none of the servers I rent from him will be available as of February 24th. He has been great to me over the last few years and I appreciate the service I received along the way. When I got the notice, I immediately put up an announcement on the web site and updated the RSS feed. I scrambled to see if I could find a pair of replacement servers but found that it would cost me significantly more than I have been paying. Some folks have suggested that I could simply get servers from well-known providers for pretty cheap. However resources are generally more expensive in Canada than they are in the US, and I do not consider organizations like Google, AWS, Microsoft, IBM, Cloudflare, Cisco, etc. to be reputable

You personally may think those organizations are perfectly fine for a privacy-centric service like dnscrypt.ca. I don't. Not even close. I realize that anyone renting out VPS resources is obviously in business to make money, but I wouldn't want resources from the kinds of organizations listed above. They simply do not share my privacy related values and I'd like to think that people looking at this web site would feel the same way.

Having said that, I would be willing to consider VPS sponsorship or quotes to keep dnscrypt.ca going, with the following minimum requirements:

Aside from the cost increase I have some real-life stuff going on that is keeping me very busy these days. Migrating to new servers would require some work, but once they are up and running they really shouldn't need as much attention. If I were to find an acceptable hosting service I might take a bit of time to get the service up, tested, and re-listed. However I don't think it should drag out very long.

Other than maybe bandwidth, resolvers do not need a lot of resources. However it should be quite clear that user privacy is paramount to me and I have no interest in selling out dnscrypt.ca users to a host that wants to monetize, track, or analyze them in any way. If your organization is interested in buzzwords like AI, blockchain, or metadata then we probably would not be a good fit. If your organization is interested in logging, analytics, SEO, scaling-up, ROI, branding, or growing my business then we probably would not be a good fit. If your organization is able to meet or exceed the basic requirements above and shares my enthusiasm for privacy, maybe you should contact me.

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