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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 2024-04-28

Web site

Like most web servers, this one has logs showing which IP addresses have connected to the web site and which pages were viewed. I use these logs in combination with fail2ban to temporarily block IP addresses that are found to be hacking at the web site. The dnscrypt.ca web site logs, and the IP addresses within them are not shared with anyone for any reason. The entire web server (including logs) is inside an encrypted virtual machine container, the logs are trimmed manually and they do not have a set expiration time.

The dnscrypt.ca web site does not try to set or read any cookies.

The dnscrypt.ca web site server is on different hardware and a different network than the DNS server.

DNS Server

When you access the dnscrypt.ca recursive DNS server with a DNSCrypt, DoH, or DoT client application, there is no record of your IP address, the names you try to resolve, or the answers to those queries. PowerDNS has an internal web server that tells me how many queries are being answered per second in real time, but I have no way to tell who made them or what queries were made.

My hosting provider inet.ws can see how much network traffic goes through the DNS servers, but of course the traffic is encrypted and they can't read it, though they can tell what IP address it comes from.


If you contact me via email (using encryption or not) your email address will wind up in my contact list and your email message(s) may be stored on my mail server and my desktop PC. Mail storage on both my mail server and home PC is on encrypted filesystems. If at any time you want me to purge your email address and/or any associated emails simply send me a message telling me to do so.

I do not contact anyone via email about dnscrypt.ca who has not specifically contacted me first. There is no dnscrypt.ca mailing list and users wishing to have updates about the service should either check the news page or use the RSS feed. I do not share, sell, or otherwise distribute email addresses to anyone for any purpose.